Restaurant Review: Boombox Cafe, Connaught Place, Delhi – 2/5 Stars

Walking through the corridors of Connaught Place on a Saturday night can be very romantic. It’s beautiful to see the night sky and droplets of rain making the road shine like a mirror. CP’s old school charm can never be lost. It is so beautiful to walk around without feeling you are in a claustrophobic environment like a mall on a beautiful rainy night!

We got hungry and looked left to see that we had walked to the F Block of CP which has the Boombox Cafe. Now, obviously I wanted to go in and eat because I love to review new restaurants. We asked the security guard if the place would be really crowded because we could hear loud music and he said it wouldn’t be too crowded and it indeed was not!
We walked up the stairs to what felt like a “S** Dungeon” straight from the Showtime series Dexter! I was very close to turning around and leaving when my partner suggested we keep going. When we reached what felt like the second floor we saw a really fun glass door with all kinds of Caution signs! (Pic attached) We took a sigh of relief and entered.
“Table for two please!”, we said and we were taken inside to what seemed like a graffiti hub! We requested the food menu because we were very hungry – “Sweet Lord!”, we thought a multi-cuisine restaurant! No!!!! We really fear multi-cuisine restaurants because we believe that a multi-cuisine restaurant can never go right! Another jack-of-all-trades-restaurant we thought and started to look through the menu.
I looked through the menu and we decided to order “Murg Malai Tikka”. Now, because I love kebabs so much I know exactly how soft a malai tikka needs to be but not at Boombox Cafe. The tikka was quite tough and did not seem very fresh. It was however, quite nicely flavoured.
We then moved on to our main course. I love Peri-Peri Chicken and always have and I decided to order Boombox Cafe’s version of that known as the Pili Pili Chicken. I loved the little description underneath the name of the dish so I really wanted to give it a shot! It was a horror was what it was! This was without a doubt the worst peri peri chicken I have ever put in my mouth! I could not finish most of it and I did not even want to get the leftover bagged for my dog, thats how much I hated it!
We also ordered the Boombox Grilled Chicken with Hummus and Pita. Now Hummus is another one of my most favourite things and something I can make beautifully and the kind of olive oil that is used to prepare hummus just adds to the taste but I have no idea what Boombox did with their hummus – disaster! I just did not like any bit of the food at Boombox!
What I did like a little bit was the Sheesha: The Boombox Jack was what we ordered, we we were told would have the slight flavour/hint of JD but it really did not and it was surprisingly expensive too!
The staff was polite but they did not serve us water and were nowhere to be found most of the time we were there. Our Sheesha arrived with our main course which was weird because we had asked for it to be sent immediately.
Overall, my experience of the Boombox Cafe was rather disappointing and I will never ever be going back there again for so many reasons.
I have attached some pictures of the Cafe that I took last night! Overall, I can only rate Boombox Cafe 2/5.
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