Restaurant Review: TGI Friday’s MG Road, Gurgaon – 3/5 Stars

I decided to visit TGI Friday’s this week. I was very hopeful of the place because who does love rich Mexican food in gigantic portions! 

Well, it turns out that if the food doesn’t taste nice and if the portion size is big, food becomes impossible to finish and similar was my situation at TGIF. 


When we reached we were quite hungry. We wanted to sit upstairs but we were told that that section was closed. So, we had to sit downstairs. Then a server came to us a minute later (we had just taken our first sip of the drinks) and told us that the section upstairs is now open. We did not want to move so we decided to stay put.


There were people staring at the multiple TV screens, enjoying IPL. We continued with drinks – whiskey, rum, beers, etc., everything was fine but then our starters arrived. They were huge portions. I mean they could easily have fed a heard of cows. 

The “Spicy Chicken Nachos” tasted rather soggy but the spicy chicken was quite flavoursome. On the whole, other than the chicken nothing worked for us because of the sogginess. Nachos are all about crispness and freshness – the starter was a waste. 


The “Pepper Chicken” was quite hard to eat as there was too much fat on the chicken. It wasn’t fresh either; it would have made a nice main course if it were made with fresh chicken. The fries were beautifully done and were the best part of my meal. The peppers were really bland, as were the onions.


The “Seafood Chicken Rice” looked very appetizing but tasted very bad because it lacked salt. The prawns were quite nice but the sausage slices were only okay – a very disappointing dish.


The service was quite fast and other than the slight problem in the beginning I cannot say that I was disappointed with the service at all.


Will I visit TGIF again? Absolutely not because since they have changed to a new menu, the food quality has gone down drastically and even with the voucher I had, the amount of money I paid at TGIF was money down the drain.


I have attached some pictures and the food does look appetizing but just imagine it without any salt or taste. ☹


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4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: TGI Friday’s MG Road, Gurgaon – 3/5 Stars

  1. yes the place is quite sad, from all aspects.. TGIF used to be fun and happening once a upon a time! most of them are going down… and fast…

  2. TGIF for me has always been the priya one. Was buzzing and rocking…. no other ever same close….

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