Restaurant Review: Sevilla – The Claridges, Aurangzeb Road, Delhi – 3.5/5 Stars

I’m learning Spanish so I thought it would be wonderful to try a Spanish restaurant (what logic!). I really wanted to try a good one and one of my Zomato friends vouched for this restaurant. I had to give it a shot. 

Claridges is one of the nicest hotels in Delhi. I love Pickwicks for my late night dessert cravings, so, I did not think twice before trying Sevilla. 


When I was at Sevilla, I could just sense I was going to have a good evening. I love alfresco dining and gazebos are my favourite. It is the perfect place for a romantic date with dim lights, a star studded sky and a beautifully manicured garden. 


This restaurant also does Italian and Moroccan food (Wow!). I love their Spanish food the best but you can also give their Italian and Moroccan cuisine a try because all the chefs are really talented. 


I love their selection of wines – it is exquisite. Dom Perignon is one of the nicest champagnes you can ever have and I loved it at Sevilla. The cocktails, the drinks and everything on their menu was brilliant. I can’t fault a thing. 


I would highly recommend their Paella – a Valencian rice dish (to die for) and the Cheese Croquettes – fabulous!


If you are at Sevilla, make sure you take your loved one because romance is in the air. With a lovely picturesque setting and remarkable hospitality Sevilla should not be missed.



Photo Credit: Indian Food Freak

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