Pâtisserie Review: The Oberoi Patisserie and Delicatessen, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon – 3/5 Stars

Not so long ago all bakeries in Delhi sold just bread and tasteless pastries to go, most of these hadn’t earned the fancy “patisserie” label because of the sort of food they sold with lukewarm enthusiasm. 


Today Delhi NCR has some great patisseries and the new breed of swanky patisseries-cum-cafes opening in the city seem to be doing rather well.


Located inside The Oberoi, Gurgaon “The Oberoi Patisserie and Delicatessen”, looks charmingly enticing. With a large collection and display of fine cakes, glazed fruit tarts and cream-filled goodies, this patisserie must not be missed. 


Unable to fight such seduction despite it being my partner’s surprise birthday party, I found myself pushing him to visit the patisserie for his birthday cake. Its interiors were quite impressive. I was greeted by a large and spacious room, which only had 2 tables to sit, however, the decor was stylish and the waitress was polite & helpful. 

Being the second customer, I was spoilt thoroughly as the waitress followed us around the place explaining the fillings and icing on each cake. We did not have many options when deciding where to sit because only one table was vacant. 

The Latte was not quite as frothy and light as I like, but was beautifully rich and creamy. The Mocha, however, was delicious. 

I was elated to see they had a lot of noteworthy bakes and rolls. I eventually opted for the sausage roll and the Opera pastry. The customary Opera pastry consists of almond sponge cake, coffee buttercream, chocolate ganache, coffee syrup and chocolate glaze – all my favourite ingredients. I was excited to give this amazing pastry a short. 

They arrived and looked pretty special! The Opera pastry had several layers of cake and cream, which looked more delectable than it really was. As I cut into the cake and took a spoonful of all the layers, I knew I was not going to be disappointed. I unfortunately was because something just did not seem right. We decided that the “The Opera Cake” would not be a good choice for my partner’s birthday cake. 

The “Sausage Roll” was robust, juicy and the crispiness of the crust provided the perfect antidote to the sausage’s salty flavour. The ketchup that came with the sausage roll was your regular Heinz ketchup, which was disappointing! I would have liked the Chef to make some fresh ketchup. 

I enjoyed the experience and the fuss but the food did not blow my mind. I would rate this place only 3/5.


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