Pâtisserie Review: L’Opera Saket, Delhi – 3/5 Stars

This outlet of L’Opera is located in one of the most popular Malls in Delhi – Select CityWalk. It is on the left hand side at one of the entrances of this grand mall. There is not a lot of seating space inside but you can takeaway a lot of their desserts to try at home.


This place has won a lot of awards from Times Food, etc. so my hopes were really up when I first went to L’Opera. I was really disappointed because the place is good but not as good as all the reviews claim it is. I mean I have had better. 


Anyway, some desserts are really worth trying. The “Almond Tart” for instance is pure bliss. The “Chocolate Eclair” and the “Chocolate Croissant” are good too. If I were you, I would totally steer clear of their macarons, especially the “Green Pistachio Macaron” – it just did not strike me as a good macaron. 

The service was quite swift and the staff was friendly and courteous. I would probably not be going back to L’Opera because it really isn’t anything special. 

I would probably go back if I ever crave anything the have to offer!


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