Restaurant Review: Rosang Cafe, Green Park, Delhi (India) – 4/5 Stars

Rosang, an unassuming restaurant in Green Park is home to authentic North – East cuisine that intends to provide food from six sisters and one brother under one roof. The Manipur food festival that is on until the end of May is as good as any reason to visit Rosang (which means gift of the Gods).


The restaurant is quaint, naturally well lit with white walls, filled with portraits of life and culture in the North East. Everything from the cushion covers to the wall hangings to the attire of the servers and their warm welcome, have a whiff of the North Eastern culture.


We ordered the Manipuri thali (fish). Having lived in Manipur for a few years, this lunch was nostalgia of the good kind, with authentic flavours and styles!


We recommend you try the thali with red rice (you can always eat white rice anywhere after all!).


My favourite dishes were:

• Iromba- this bhaingan barta look-alike made of potatoes, fermented fish and spices is packed with some heavy-duty flavours. Half spoon of it and your senses would be truly woken up! It is quite on the pungent side, in a nice way.

• Mangan ooti – made with bamboo shoot and channa dal – is balanced, creamy and delicious.

• Sinju – is a salad with cabbage, lotus stem, roasted channa, and other things that make it delicious. Some people might find it a little pungent but I quite liked it.

• Red rice tea- served at the end of the meal – delicious (has a little lime and jiggery).


What could be better:

• The fish curry- was very tasty but there was so much oil in it, which could easily put a lot of people off.


Overall, the place is worth the visit for it’s laid back style, friendly waiters and delicious food.


Taste: 4/5;
Price: 4/5;
Ambience: 4/5.


Review Credit: Bhuvana Balan
Photo Credit: Karan Mangotra
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