Restaurant Review: La Plancha, Mesari Beach, Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia – 3/5 Stars

I love walking on the beach. I live in a very busy city and walking on the beach is an unbelievable experience for me. The ocean is seamless, the sky is studded with stars, the breeze is fresh and all you can hear is the sound of the waves and the thoughts in your head. I really do love walking on the beach.

I spent a long time on the Mesari Beach when I was in Bali last week and when I heard live music – “when you say nothing at all” from Notting Hill, I really did feel like I was in a movie. The weather was fantastic, the breeze blew my hair and my hair tickled my face. I was really happy. I couldn’t help smiling.
After spending about an hour on the beach, the foodie in me started calling out to me. I had to eat. Actually, I just wanted to sit down and listen to some live music. The atmosphere was brilliant.
La Plancha is located on the Mesari Beach between JL Double Six and JL Dhyanapura in Seminyak, Kuta. It immediately caught my fancy because of the bright colours – bean bags, chairs, canopies and a huge crowd of people singing, drinking and enjoying live music.
La Plancha is a Spanish beach bar and restaurant which is named after a traditional spanish way of cooking –  ‘la plancha’ tradition. La Plancha is characterised by simple, modest and fresh spanish cooking.

La Plancha

The server asked me to go for their signature drink named after the restaurant. La Plancha was light, refreshing and minty. I am not a big fan of beer but my partner is, I had to try the Bintang Beer which is a brand of beer specific to Indonesia and is produced by Multi Bintang, an Indonesian subsidiary of Asia Pacific Breweries. It tasted a lot like Budweiser. The taste is sweet as you first take it in then it is slightly bland and lacks bubbles. It isn’t bitter at all. I liked it more than most beers.
The prawn starter, however, was really chewy and lacked flavour. The sea food in general was not the best but La Plancha is the perfect place to enjoy Bali’s amazing sunset over drinks and music. The service is good too. I give it a thumbs up for a romantic evening out.


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