Taxi Service Review: Uber, Delhi NCR – 4/5 Stars

The newest smartphone app Uber is here to stay. I always welcome new technology with open arms and when I learnt about the new app I was only too glad to give it a try.

This cab hailing service is fantastic. I have been using Wyn Cabs, Meru, Meru+ and other such services and I always end up disappointed. There are either no cars available or the drivers do not make it to the pick up location on time.


This service is different. You download the app and the very first time you get Rs. 300 off if you order using the coupon code provided by a friend. The friend gets a free ride too for getting you to join the service. 


The app locates the nearest cab driver and once you confirm you are given the driver’s details along with a photo. The driver gives you a call once he has made it to the pickup location. 


My first Uber Cab experience was fantastic. I was picked up in a black shiny Audi A8. The cab driver (or shall I say chauffeur) was dressed perfectly in a white uniform. He was courteous and polite. The car did have a tiny spider in it but the driver pointed it out promptly and we whacked it to death with the Times of India (Ouch!).


This service is backed by big investors like private equity firm TPG and Google. It seems to be losing money now but it sure is making a big impact. With more than $300 million in funds and a valuation topping $3 billion, Uber’s IPO plans have been talked about widely. 


Uber’s presence 100 cities and 35 countries across the world is evident in its flawless service. 



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2 thoughts on “Taxi Service Review: Uber, Delhi NCR – 4/5 Stars

  1. all good and fancy, but the ultimate test is the price tag. how much are they charging for this uber service???

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