My favorite places to snuggle with a book (and free WiFi) !!

Dubai is such an amazing place to be a writer. There’s a whole host of places where you can unwind with a book, some music or just a rejuvenating cuppa joe! Here’s a list of my happy places that you have to check out for their unbeatable comfort food, their superbly refreshing drinks and just the blissful vibe that is so perf!

1) Book Munch


Book Munch Cafe

I always say that a bookshop and a store with delectable food and a dream ambience is my idea of heaven and this place is just a little slice of heaven on a cozy block of the Al Wasl Sqauare near Safa Park. I love everything from their interesting selection of books to the cozy corner for kids and the story sessions which are the so awesome for family day out. I can honestly not get enough of this place and it helps that the owner Dareen is so warm and friendly and makes you feel so completely at home.

Warm Fuzzy Factor: 4.5/5

2) Caribou Coffee


Caribou Coffee

This place is my favorite haunt as it’s like right below my house in JBR and has free WiFi which no one can survive without anyway.

The sandwiches and pies are truly scrumptious and I love love love how perfectly they cater to my need for a daily caffeine fix. They have a little fireplace, a bunch of good reads and the ambience is almost always so calm and that it always always inspires me to write better.

Warm Fuzzy Factor: 4/5

3) Pantry Cafe


Pantry Coffee

This is another of my favorite places in Al Wasl Square and it would be yours too if you ever dug into their shakshouka on a bright, sunny morning. I love their selection of healthy, organic sauces, dips and other stuff to pic up for your home stash and they even have an utterly delightful organic kids menu.

Psst..I was just in yesterday with my BFF and we had the amazing chai latte and some gooey caprese sandwiches along with turkey bacon, scrambled eggs and a folded eggalicious omelet. So well done.

Warm Fuzzy factor: 4.5/5

4) The Archive


The Archive

Safa Park..great books..delish brekkie.This place has all that a person could want from a cafe..the perfect ambience and the perfect service. Please do yourself a favor and go RIGHT NOW.

Warm fuzzy factor: 4/5

5) The Farm- Al Barari


The Farm- Al Barari

This place feels like a mini vacay coz I always go there with the whole family for lazy weekend breakfast ( or rather brunch) and the drive is totally worth it coz the place is impeccably inspiring in every sense of the word. The only issue is that it’s so far away that it can’t be your everyday snuggle up coffee haunt.

Warm Fuzzy Factor: 4/5

I would love to hear about the places you guys love to hang out at and honestly this is just a mini list. I have a whole host of other favorites like some new ones at The Beach in JBR, The Paul’s Cafe with breathtaking tiramisu in JBR and so many others in Downtown like Fournil Di Pierre and Kris Kros. Drop me a comment with some of your faves and I’ll help you discover more through the blog from time to time as well.



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