Restaurant Review: Tunday Kababi, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad – 3/5 Stars

Having lived in Lucknow I have tried the real Tunday Kebabs that the city is famous for and they are to die for but I wish I could say the same for the kebabs I tried at Tunday Kababi at Indirapuram.


It is a very small shop and it would be easily missed had it not been for its “popular” name! Their menu is very simple and unimpressive. They claim to have most of the things that the real Lucknow shop has but taste wise they fail to impress.


They have priced their kebabs at Rs. 130 for 4 kebab pieces and one cannot help but wonder if they are absolutely pure mutton because they taste rather queer for mutton. Nonetheless, they are soft and seemed fresh. I sound so apprehensive about the restaurant because I doubt the hygiene levels and an unclean restaurant selling meat can be very worrying!


Forgetting all that I bravely tried the Biryani and it had really tender chicken pieces but tasted quite average. The butter chicken wasn’t the best even with the amount of butter floating in the curry.

This Indirapuram restaurant is trying too hard to be the Tunday Kebabi from Lucknow but it fails miserably!

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