Restaurant Review: Tau’s Cafe & Lassi Bar, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon – 5/5 Stars

I love this restaurant. The food is very tasty and is prepared in very less oil. It tastes just like home cooking. The chicken curry is to die for and reminds me of the chicken curry prepared by my grand mom.


They home delivery within 40-45 minutes so I love to order food from them when I don’t feel like cooking. The staff is very nice & friendly & the owner is a very nice man too.


I rate this place 5/5 for its chicken curry & 5/5 for customer service!!

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One thought on “Restaurant Review: Tau’s Cafe & Lassi Bar, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon – 5/5 Stars

  1. Experience: Tau’s SUCKS at customer service . The Restaurant Owner will refuse to serve you if you give him a feedback !!

    Quality : The food quality has deteriorated over the years . The quality has gone to DOGS !!

    Please READ below EXPERIENCE and HELP bring a CHANGE .

    The restaurant will refuse to serve you the food if you give him a feedback on his service . Such a disappointment this place is !!!! The owner doesnot believe in having a feedback mechanism.

    The owner of the restaurant refused to serve me because i returned the paranthas that he served me . the paranthas were not properly stuffed and were not baked properly .
    i shared the experience with him for the first time , he changed the paranthas and then it happened again , i returned the paranthas again , and it was this time he said “Ma’am we cannot serve you , because you have returned the paranthas twice”.
    I was stunned with this behavior . I wanted to hit this guy right on his face but i am bound not to .
    4 years before , i remember the same owner of the restaurant walking upto our table and asking if the food was good or not and we had this great smile and felt good about this place . but now Tau’s sucks !!! the quality has been gone down to dogs!!! and if you tell them that the food is not good they will not hear you rather tell you that they cannot serve you .

    when i asked if he had the feedback register he said “I AM THE OWNER OF THIS PLACE , I DONT MAINTAIN ANY SUCH FEEDBACKS ” .

    Guys lets together stop this monopoly .

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