Bakery Review: Baker St., Ambience Mall – 4/5 Stars

Dinner at Baker St. was good ‘coz I did not have much time and wanted a quick bite to eat. I ate a “Chicken Seekh Baguette” and a latte. The coffee was very creamy and tasted really good.


The service was fast ‘coz lets face it … there was no actual cooking involved. They made my coffee real quick even though there were 3 people waiting in queue (just because I was in a rush) I really thanked them because they served me in under 5 minutes. For that I rate them 5/5.

I liked the sandwich so I would give them 3.5/5 on food because I’ve had better bread. I frequent this place because it is quick, the staff is efficient and the taste of the food is good.

Thumbs up!

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