Bakery Review: Grand Plaza, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon – 2/5 Stars

I generally don’t like badmouthing eateries unless I’ve really not liked what I’m eating. I did not have high expectations from Grand Plaza but I am a connoisseur and the chocolates I like include Willie’s Venezuelan black, Neuhaus, Cadbury and even what Whipped serves. What I ate was injustice to all the chocolate in the world! I really did not like the “so called” chocolate they had used in their pastry. Was it a pastry? Well, who knows. I did not like it.


Gland Plaza is on Golf Course road and this place gets a lot expat customers. I would have hoped the eateries here to be better, what would the “phirungs” think? AND Grand Plaza has branches? Why? Why would you open a branch for such an average place? To spread the averageness?


Jokes apart, this review is based on only the chocolate pastry I had which was quite a disappointment.

You won’t enjoy Grand Plaza, get Cadbury’s Silk instead! 🙂 Image

Have you seen their new ad?


Boy, I’m hungry!!

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