Cafe Review: The Beer Cafe, DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon – 4/5 Stars

After a soft launch “The Beer Cafe” had a formal opening on the 20th of December 2013. I have been to Cyber Hub many times but I have never seen so many people attending an opening with this much enthusiasm. The place was bustling.


The Cafe sits at the latest outpost of DLF Cyber City called the DLF Cyber Hub, which I love. I have already been to The Hub several times since its opening (I’ve lost count). It reminds me of The Walk (JBR) in Dubai.


The Cafe is an interesting hangout. It’s a fusion of “Starbucks” and “The Belgian Beer Café”, which is the sort of thing that makes me want to hug people because it is finally great to see such cool places in Gurgaon. Beer is all “butch” and “manly” and cafes are all “hang out and sip on coffee”, so, one would think that the amalgamation of both wouldn’t make sense but it absolutely does!


I love observing people and I stood for a few minutes at the bar. It was full of the sort of people who really enjoyed their beer and loved catching up with friends – everyone seemed to be having fun.


The Beer Cafe has an open area but since you cannot smoke anywhere in the open areas of the The Hub, people had to walk all the way to the parking lot to smoke (OUCH!). I was reminded of the time when I was watching that “IT Crowd” episode where they made a joke on people who were addicted to smoking and were having a terrible time finding a place to smoke because the UK Government had banned smoking in public places. They had to walk for miles before they finally froze (the depiction was hilarious). It was freezing that night in Gurgaon and I couldn’t stop thinking about that episode.


I only had some beers and they were really fab but since they intend to be open until 12 at night, I might go there really soon. You can come and enjoy some beer and nachos while having an interesting conversation with friends. The Beer Cafe is something every city needs.



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Photo Credit: Peeyoosh Kaushik and Shivangi Sinha

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