Restaurant Review: Indian Grill Room, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon – 4.5/5 Stars

Traffic jams, office stress, politics, anything can get to you especially in the Indian summer heat. Woo hoo! to the discovery of the year – Indian Grill Room! It has something for everyone. Tastefully done interiors for people who want to enjoy a restaurant environment, beautiful exteriors with delightful patio for those who like pleasant summer evenings, wine and a conversation away from a claustrophobic environment and a huge elaborate buffet spread for people who are lucky enough to eat as much as they like owing to their strong metabolic systems (Not me!).


Indian Grill Room, Gurgaon located in Suncity Business Tower overlooks the ritzy neighbourhood of Golf Course Road. The poised yellow hue makes the restaurant look like the work of a monochromatic photographer.


Outstanding service can be enjoyed over the avant-garde Beetroot halwa, a brilliantly delectable dessert with dried fruit bits served by this restaurant. I’m not precisely sure why but I really admire restaurants that experiment. The restaurant also serves a varied variety of alcoholic and non-alchoholic beverages that include Juices, Soft Drinks, Mojitos, Margaritas, Whiskeys, Single Malts, Wines and Champagnes.


Gosht Galawat with ulte tawe ka Parantha is a very popular starter at the restaurant. The main course consists of Punjabi Fish Curry, a Punjabi spice preparation with unparalleled freshness, Kozi Khorma lathered in cream, coconut and exotic spices and many other North Indian and Mughlai delicacies.


The restaurant’s menu is an elaborate amalgamation of exotic desserts like Beetroot Halwa, Mango Kulfi (with fresh mangoes), Gulkand Kulfi, etc. Indian Grill Room takes pride in exceptional customer service and hospitality. It is a melange of finger licking food, excellent hospitality and a spectacular view.


As I got comfortable in the restaurant at lunch time, the delightful staff served us Mango Lassi, Fresh Lime Soda, Jaljeera and Buttermilk. From interesting Split Abstract Canvas art to beautiful interiors, Indian Grill Room is certainly not a cliché Indian restaurant and is bound to blow you away.


As for the food, kudos to the Chef for working with such an elaborate menu. The best dishes I tried were the Kebabs with delicate spices that my American client enjoyed very much. He also said and i quote, “I always believe that I should be able to taste the food, not the spices”. The spices sure added the much needed kick to the Kebabs but they did not overpower the taste of the food. I know I have said this already but the Beetroot Halwa was a perfect burst of beautiful textured goodness, an absolute must try.


The Sikandari Raan, cooked Live by their chef and served with five kinds of bread was a compelling flavour bomb. It was a delicate burst of goodness on a plate – soft, beautifully seasoned, its butter-soft texture left everyone at the table delighted. Punjabi Fish Curry, likewise, was lathered in cream and coconuts. I savoured the comforting silken texture of the perfect Kulfi with freshly chopped mangoes – this is what heaven must taste like, I thought to myself! Another winner was the Lakhnavi Khoya Zarda with its mouth-watering and satisfyingly rich taste.


The Kebabs at Indian Grill Room are so intriguing that I’m sure to visit again to explore the wondrous delights that are its Kebabs. Great new menu – an absolute must try!



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