Restaurant Review: The Tea Room Co., South City 1, Gurgaon – 3.5/5 Stars

The Star Mall? That grim “Kabul” Mall? The one that is home to the “FAMOUS” Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen? That’s definitely not a mall where you would want to go to knowingly and I didn’t either. I was taken there by a friend because I love tea and I was told “The Tea Room Co.” does great Masala Chai and I just had to try it.
Being a tea aficionado I have travelled far and wide in search of the perfect cup of tea. When I first saw the “The Tea Room Co.” in the deserted Star Mall I was very apprehensive about dining there but it was lunch time and I was hungry so I decided to set my apprehensions aside and eat.


I believe every mall needs places like “The Tea Room Co.” because it is places like this that do not simply feed its customers but act as a cozy corner for people to unwind and relax in the midst of a tiring hectic day at work. “The Tea Room Co.” had managed to be that. It is quite, relaxing, had interesting books and a comfortable environment.


They have chairs, couches, and cushioned floor seating – pick whatever you like. I chose the cushioned couch, extremely relaxing and right next to a plug point where I happily charged my phone – how perfect. They have a pretend fireplace and interesting messages and photographs all over their wall – I like the decor.


We ordered a cup of Masala Chai and a Mango Smoothie. The Masala Chai is served in a Pot and is perfect, really refreshing. The Mango smoothie is light but tastes suspiciously like it has been made with a mango drink like Slice or Frooti.


We moved on to lunch because we are really starving. I ordered the “Grilled Chicken with Red Wine Sauce” and my partner ordered the “Chicken Steak Sizzler”. The “Grilled Chicken with Red Wine Sauce” was good. The red wine sauce was delightful. The vegetables very flavourful. The chicken surprised me because some pieces were exceptionally tender and some were not.
In the “Chicken Steak Sizzler” the chicken was stuffed with mushrooms and lacked any flavour. I was quite disappointed with that. However, I did add a little salt and pepper to it and it tasted better, not brilliant, just better. But I’m sure there are better things on the menu, what really matters is that “The Tea Room Co.” with its slick service and a day-long menu of comfort food really livens up a dead mall.


I wish they had better desserts but all they had were muffins so we decided to skip dessert and move on to Binge for some of my most favourite dessert in the world – cheesecake!

FINAL RATING: 3.5/5 Stars

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