Restaurant Review: El Posto, Karkardooma, Delhi – 4/5 Stars

It was a long drive to Karkardooma from where I live but once I reached there El Posto stood out like a diamond in a pile of coal. El Posto is impossible to miss because once you are at Aditya Mega Mall in Karkardooma, El Posto is the only place you would notice.


I had gone to that corner of Delhi to experience the food at El Posto. The restaurant belongs to Mr. Singh and it’s tempting to imagine that this part of Delhi too has a Mexican-Italian restaurant that dares to experiment with the palate of East Delhiites.


Certainly it makes blinding sense to start near the newly opened Kempinski Hotel. The restaurant offer pastas, grills and even pizzas with Thai Green Sauce. It may seem as a mix of two venerable recipes but it still strikes me as a terrible thing to do to a Pizza. My companion, a fellow reviewer, tells me he is not a big fan of this Pizza concoction either. We were however pleasantly surprised as the meal went along and we heard more about it from the owner.


The owner of the restaurant was eager to answer my questions so I was very pleased because I always have a lot of questions, it’s always – why, how and where with me! My love for cheesecake got me to El Posto. I had heard only nice things and the long drive had really built my appetite.


I went past the bakery and up the stairs. El Posto has been very beautifully done (for a restaurant in Karkardooma). The decor consists of hanging lights, a lot of white furniture and green plants. It was quite interesting to see a tiny tree in the middle of the table. It was almost as if I was dining in a chic jungle.


We sat at the table at the very end of the restaurant and enjoyed the view the owner had tried to create – a smallish garden right before the main road.


He also told us that the garden will soon be converted to a nice seating area where people can enjoy their winter evenings. What could be better than comfortable patio, a nice cup of El Posto’s excellent Latte and interesting conversation?


I snapped out of the dream situation that could happen in the future and immediately got back to enjoying my cup of coffee. We had also ordered a huge glass of a Pasty Shake – yep, you heard it right! They had taken a whole pastry and blended it into a shake – what a wonderful idea. I loved every sip of it.


I would have hoped to have bit into some bits of the pastry as I savoured my shake but I did not. It was very smoothly blended. I decided to completely forget about the calories in the shake because it was so sinfully delicious – why don’t other restaurants think of such interesting ideas?


We also had the Masala Lemonade which was refreshing and delicious. We simply loved it – highly recommended. it’s light on the stomach and goes perfectly with garlic bread, surprisingly.


We then moved on to the starters even though we were completely full we couldn’t wait to try all the interesting things on El Posto’s Mexitalian Menu.


We ordered Garlic Bread, Corn Bread and Grilled Prawns. The Garlic Bread was clearly freshly baked, as was the Corn Bread. The tartar sauce, the fresh butter, the chilli sauce, the Peri Peri sauce, etc. were all done beautifully – you could taste the freshness.


I was glad to know that the owner used to work at Pizza Express, one of the nicest Pizza Chains I’ve ever dined at in London. He really knew his food and what he was talking about. That really impressed everyone at the table. We decided to go with his recommendations and unanimously agreed to trust him with our meal choices for the evening.


He told us about their interestingly innovative Pizzas with Thai Red Curry and Pestos. At first we were not convinced by we tried a bite sized portion and we were pleasantly surprised. I would have loved to have the whole pizza but my heart was set on the Spinach Ravioli.


I would have liked the Ravioli to be slightly more flavoursome but the sauce was quite well done. We ordered Tortellini in Green Pesto Sauce. I recall the tortellini presented beautifully on a white plate, with nothing else. I am sure this Tortellini would get rave reviews, awards and loyal customers – it was done “Oh so beautifully!”.


The same was true of a chicken dish in which the lovely bird came with, small rolls of fresh bread, a chilli dip, fresh vegetables (ultra-thin carrots with a huge chunk of broccoli with courgettes and peppers; you can admire the dish & its presentation). I was very pleased with the restaurant and the service as it was a refreshing change from those restaurants that do not mind serving their food in a puddle of fat so deep you could measure it with an engine dipstick.


The red velvet cake stood out for being sensible and reasonably well executed. It was sweet; it was not “bring me my insulin” sweet but perfectly sweet. It just crumbled as our fork touched it – soft and extremely fresh. It was delicious. It was so delicious that I almost forgot my most favourite dessert in the world – cheesecake.


Our other dessert, the vanilla cheesecake, tasted divine too. I love the cheesecake at Whipped (always have), this was equally good if not better. I always thought that an American mother was needed to make the perfect cheesecake but I was completely wrong.


El Posto’s cheesecake is a marvel; the cream is light, the crumb is crisp, the mango coulis and strawberry coulis with a measured bash of sugar is proof that good ingredients and a well trained Indian Chef too can create a perfect cheesecake.


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